Friday, June 19, 2009


I'm writing this post with only my thumbs on the extended keyboard of my Samsung i760 Windows Mobile (6.1) device. It's amazing to me just how connected we are. For a grand total of $50, I got this phone from VZW and it's more powerful than my first PC. From restaurant reviews to driving directions to reading the laments of disenfranchised Iranian voters, the world is literally at my fingertips, as long as I can find WiFi.

All of a sudden I find it all so small and fragile. Is it possible that we've reached the pinacle of civilization? I'm not sure what comes after this technology-wise, but I find it very surreal that we're so connected to one another, yet so completely disconnected. Do we really see other people and their true needs, or is the value of relational depth diminished by the breadth of our connectedness? Do we see life in soundbites - dehydrated monochromatic forcefed viewpoints? Is that all the capacity we have due to the amount of information we're exposed to? Of course we're capable of depth, but do we pursue it? Given the choice, what do we choose to be connected to?