Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dims and Semicolons

i'll admit it. my 4-year bachelor's degree in computer science and systems analysis caused me to really like semicolon languages; and terse-ness; what i mean by that is obvious if you're a programmer; i prefer languages like c/c++, java, and c#; and even javascript; (though you can cheat with the semicolons with js, but i never do; true faithfulness); but c#, though i love thee, we can agree to disagree about curly brace placement. i don't care what the other dads do, you braces don't get your own line just to open a code block; period. er, semicolon;

But My Job Now Is Wholly VB.NET. So Now I Can Type In Any Case I Darn Well Please And Auto-Formatting Will Take Care Of It. AndAlso Everything Is A Really Long Statement With Extra Verbiage And Blue Highlights Just For The Art Of It. As Long As I Dim My World AndAlso Speak Semi-English In Loving But Excessively Long Streams Of Coding Goodness, My Code Will Compile, OrElse It Will Tell Me Early That It's Sick.

But, But, But...
If I'm Not Careful To Be Strict And Explicit All The Time Then
Integers Can Be Strings And Strings Integers. Which Will Lead To, Well... Peter Venkman From GhostBusters Said It Best - "Human Sacrifice... Dogs And Cats Living Together... Mass Hysteria!"
End If


In VB, I miss terse-ness, the yield statement, multiline comments/strings/statements (the underscore trick has problems), \t, \r, \n, anonymous delegates, not having to tell my code what 'options' I want, and square brackets for array indexers. I especially miss multiline statements - that little trailing underscore doesn't cut it when I want to comment out one part in the middle of my Linq statement! And why not just have made And and Or short-circuiting operators rather than adding AndAlso and OrElse? How can VB be so WRONG about those things?! I love C#.

In C#, I miss case-insensitivity, inline XML, single equals for comparison, being curly brace free (square braces can stay though), the With statement, the End keyword combos rather than }'s, and automatic-background-compilation. Especially automatic-background-compilation - CTRL+SHIFT+B is wearing out on my keyboard! And, I mean really - tell me why character casing matter to humans again?! It's only easier for the computers! How can C# be so WRONG about those things!? I love VB.


Much like my two little boys. One's a little sensitive, and one's a little stubborn. One likes Batman, the other Superman. One's got brown hair and the other's a tow head. One's a dreamer, the other a great friend. One's got an infectious laugh and the other's got an infectious smile. They're both so different... but so much the same. Brothers. No favorites, just beautiful diversity. Blessings abound.