Wednesday, June 10, 2009

DIY DVR, it's about time... (part 3)

My RDP problem is solved!!! About 1/4 way down the thread, there's a post on 11-20-08 with the link to the SP1 termsrv.dll file for x64. I just extracted from the .zip and ran Premium.bat. Then, I had to be sure that the account I use for RDP access didn't have the IR blaster for my remote control in the "All Users" start menu startup folder, or else I wound up running two copies and couldn't use my remote. Once I figured that part out, I was golden.

Now, I wonder about the Vista EULA I didn't read? I dunno... Cammy (my cat) is the one who agrees to those in our house. She just puts her paw on the enter keys... unstoppable that one! She loves EULAs. Agrees to them all. I swear I don't remember paying for her law degree. Now, if only she could talk to me so that I'd know what she agreed to. Hmm...