Monday, June 29, 2009

Firefox 3.5

IE8 and Google Chrome have been doing some things lately that were making me start to reconsider my affinity for all things Mozilla. IE8 is finally becoming standards compliant and the latest release has some actual innovative features. And Chrome is so minimalist, but beautifully functional. It's memory footprint on my machine right now is 12MB vs the 100MB taken up by Firefox. Firefox 3.0.x is showing its age!

Maybe my problems stem from the fact that I have 6 or 7 plugins for Firefox. It's my RSS reader, my weather station, my web site CSS tweaking tool, and a handful of other things. It is S...L...O...W... to start up and a resource hog.

But then, Firefox 3.5 has hit release candidate 3 stage and I finally installed it. And all I can say is wow. It starts up fast, it browses fast, and most of my plug-ins are ready and working. I've only found one dumb default setting that I had to change: browser.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab was set to true in this release. Boo for bad defaults. But other than that, I'm off to the races.

Check out their video campaign. I had the kids asking me if Steven Purugganan's video was actually real, and they begged me to show it to them 4 times in a row.