Sunday, June 14, 2009


  • 3/20/03, 6AM -I found out this little precious gift was on his way into the world. I'm dragged from the comfort of my bed by a very excited wife, and told to look at the pee-stick. I think I reacted well - excited and happy and awed. And then, I tried to go back to bed for one more hour of sleep before heading to work. I actually laid back down - heh. And then, within 5 minutes my wife found me checking MS Money and trying to figure out our financials.
  • 3/23/03 at a rest stop on the way back from a relative's wedding in St. Louis, we present my in-laws with a 'grandparents' bib. Everyone cried.

  • 4/23/03, we get our first ultrasound and see our little Ian for the first time. 34 mm. Due date set at 11/24/03.

  • 11/2/03, Beth's got a lot of lower back pain, so we go on some long walks.

  • 11/3/03, 4:20 AM - arrived at the hospital. 6:16 AM, he's here - 6 lbs, 15 oz. Ian Michael.
It's now more than 6 years since that first morning, and on 8/25/09, he starts kindergarten. On that first day I had a mixture of all sorts of emotions. Excitement for my first baby, love for my wife, an overwhelming sense of unpreparedness, and a healthy dose of fear. Nothing prepares you for the sleepless nights or the odd sense that there's a stranger about to enter your home and live with you. Nothing prepares you for "helping" your wife through the birth. And nothing prepares you for the expansion of your heart to love someone you've never met with a fullness you didn't realize you were capable of.

I think you're never really prepared for anything but each day as it comes, but what a thrilling ride it is. There's a time shortly after birth where this little person is no longer a stranger. You find yourself correcting someone else when they are not doing things the way your baby 'likes' it done, and you realize that you've bonded with this little person. And then, they grow right before your eyes and you're feeding them solids, and then catching them as they learn to walk, and then teaching them words, and introducing him to his new brother, Caleb.

I wonder what adventures school will bring for Ian. I find it bittersweet that Beth and I will no longer be his sole gateway to the world. For our anniversary, I got Beth the Willow Tree figurine pictured in this post to commemorate this moment in all our lives. Ian's just about that height on her now.

When you climb a cliff, you have to keep attaching new lifelines higher and higher as you go. You can't hold on to the ones below or else you'll never achieve your goal. But, it's nice to stop and look out at the view from where you're at and where you've come before you attach that next line and keep climbing. This is going to be one amazing summer!