Saturday, June 20, 2009

Miami U Alumni Weekend '09 - updated

The good...

* Public WiFi uptown
* The campus has changed a lot since 2000, but mostly for the better
* The crowds are small thus far

The bad...

* 45 East - what a disappointing replacement for the old Attractions restaurant. Of course, expecting much more out of a college town during the summer months may be my fault
* It's really hot today
* There's not much in the way of kid friendly activities. We're off to try ice skating. Wish us luck!

Posted from my phone... sorry for any bad spelling


Update from home later this evening:

Ice skating didn't go too well, as they closed at 3:30 and Ian literally got 3 whole minutes on the ice. We spent more time watching the Zamboni afterwords than that. Leftover effects from our poor restaurant experience.

But, from this point it got much better. Beth and I participated in a Guinness Book of World Records wedding vow ceremony. It was really well done. They had a wedding photographer, newly weds (from yesterday) as the token newest Miami Merger, a reception area with cake, and over 1000 couples there with shirts to match. It was a really nice ceremony. Unofficially, we knocked the previous record out. Officially, it was nice to recognize the role going to Miami has played in the course of my life. Now that I've stopped waking up with nightmares about missing classes and exam days and not really graduating, I think I have for the first time experienced an actual alumni-style bond with Miami. I even rubbed a turtle head on the sundial.

After that, it was off to an InterVarsity Christian Fellowship reunion party, which was great. Though time and distance separate us now, our hearts will never part from these people. Even though I didn't get my Toasted Roll this visit, it was still a great weekend. And maybe, just maybe - our two may choose to be Redhawks someday. I'm exhausted, and renewed all at once. I'll sleep peacefully tonight, as long as I can manage not to dream of finals from a decade past.


Lance said...

SO great to see you guys. so great.

Lance said...

SO great to see you guys. so great.