Monday, June 8, 2009

Public Shared Life As Me

Yes, I know it's not compilable VB.NET syntax, but hopefully it's good reading. Welcome!

The curse of being both a software developer (VB6 + ASP for 2 years, then C# for 5 years, and now VB.NET for the last 2 years), and also being a database guy is that:
  1. You can theoretically build any software, so you're critical of anything that doesn't quite stack up or is not the way you'd do it if you were writing the application
    ... and ...
  2. You are wary of someone else owning your data
These two items have been a powerful force keeping me from blogging - that is until now. Now that tweeting is all the rage and blogging is so 2005, I'm doing it anyway and I'm starting now. Even though I'm not blogging with software I personally wrote. Even though the data isn't housed in a database that I run. Why? Consider these facts:

  1. I like to write
  2. I do not write
  3. I wish that I would write
I have things to write about, things to share with others, things that need to stream out of my brain, things I want to analyze, and things that I want to remember through writing my future self notes about my present self. But, writing isn't easy or convenient or insert-other-excuses-here. So, it's time to banish the disconnects and come to the painful realization that "good enough is good enough". In other words, if I wait for perfection to write, I'll not write until I reach heaven. That's just not working for me any longer, so I hope to make 'Public Shared Life As Me' a habit. Here goes nothing...