Monday, June 29, 2009

Questions - June 29, 2009 edition

Why is it that my Windows Mobile phone is everything I need in a portable computing device except that it is a terrible phone? Did this thing just crash when I got a phone call? Isn't the main point of this thing to answer calls? Isn't that the one thing that you should have to get right?

Why is it that some companies make ordering a morning coffee the most insanely difficult thing you'll ever have to do when you haven't yet had your morning coffee? Grande cafe decaf latte no-whip caramel soy mocha with cheese... er, something...

Why did Barty Crouch Jr. feel the need to cook up this whole elaborate plan with the Triwizard Tournament? Couldn't he have just had Harry stay after class one day for detention or extra lessons and send him off to the graveyard then? Hey Harry! Would you mind grabbing that port ke... er, I mean blast-ended skrewt off my desk over there?

How will those people in Europe get a web browser when Microsoft stops including Internet Explorer in Windows 7? Um, honey? Where's the IE icon? I need to download Firefox.