Thursday, July 9, 2009

Corporate Signs

The day after Michael Jackson died, we received a company-wide e-mail informing us that "The King of Pop is dead". I nearly deleted the e-mail right there, but against my better judgment I read on anyway, only to find out that the message was in regards to our company's popcorn machine breaking down.

/* ************************************** */

At my last job, we had large potted trees amidst our cube farm. People were found to have been dumping their 1/2 finished drinks into the pots. A sign was promptly put up speaking for the trees:

I am not a sink!

Upon my next trip to the men's room, I saw that the sinks had gotten in on the action with their own signs:

I am not a plant!

Any funny office signs, memos or office e-mails to share?


ftmomma said...

Well honey, at my job I do find some strange things. Sometimes the people I'm responsible for change their name to "Iron Man" and tack it up on the door. Sometimes they make signs directing Santa Claus to come to them (yes, even in July). Sometimes I find odd combinations of discarded clothing, or a long bit of rope jerry-rigging various toys and chairs and doors together. Sometimes I find post-it notes tacked up in a pattern mural style on the side of a piece of furniture. Okay maybe that wasn't quite what you were looking for, but things sure are interesting around here, and I'm pretty sure that you genetically contributed to their imaginations. :-) Love ya!