Monday, July 6, 2009

Good friends, good times

We had good friends over yesterday. There's nothing like spending time with people you're comfortable around. People you have a history with. People you can cook with, or play a board game or card game with.

The last get-together we had these friends was with their family, and Ian went on an adventure walking dogs three times his size and wound up only mildly corrupted having stolen a moment on a few big machines he happened upon with his chaperon:

This time, we took a trip to Jeni's, made dinner, and on a whim used Google to find a really tasty and easy onion ring recipe (slightly modified by the addition of some Frank's Red Hot). Even when we don't do much of anything, it's still always a memorable time.

I'm one of those people who finds that social situations are in general more draining and alone time is more replenishing. But, there are those rare relationships where you can just be yourself all the time. Bad days or good, cranky or joyful, tired or wired. An acquaintance of mine from my younger years once wisely told me that good friends are those people who you can be away from for a really long time and when you meet again, it's as if you saw them yesterday and you pick right back up. I see much truth in that.