Sunday, September 27, 2009

Where's Waldo?

I was at the store today because I had a couple of quick items to get for Caleb's birthday. I had no cart. What I planned on getting was carryable without one. My arms are fully loaded and I'm heading to the checkout. And then I got the call I dread - "Can you please pick up a few extras for me?". Okay, but please let them be easy. "Toilet paper, milk, and ... something else you've never heard of, never seen before, and can't possibly find with your arms full and in only 1/2 an hour". Gaahrr!

My wife can never find her keys or her sunglasses. For me, it's the requested leftover container from the fridge, or a microplane grater in the cupboard, or some bizzare cleaner from the store called Clorox Anywhere. Clorox Anywhere? Seriously? 'Cause I can't seem to find it anywhere. I demand truth in advertising people!

In the summer, we don't need to run the A/C. My wife will just ask me to please get her some salad dressing from the fridge and I'll cool the whole house as I stand there with the door open until I can see my breath. She'll politely tell me that it's behind the mayo, and then I all of a sudden have two things I have to find. She usually gives up on me about the time I start yelling "MARCO!" into the crisper hoping the requested item will respond back, "POLO!"

There's that rare occasion where we're actually out of the item requested, or it's marked "refrigerate after opening" and it wasn't opened yet so it wasn't actually in the fridge - this is the moment when I can pretend like I'm vindicated. "See, I told you it wasn't there". But more often than not it was there - plain as day - right in front of my nose. And at times, it's even wearing that garish hat with the red puff ball just to mock me.