Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas party games

We had our annual Christmas party with our adult Sunday School class on the 5th.  As the host and hostess, Beth and I had to come up with some activities.  Last year, we did the Christmas Song Quiz which was quite fun.  This year, it was Christmas Carol Pictionary.  I looked online to see if anyone had posted something printable.  There's a version of it for $7.00 here, but I was unwilling to plop down any money for an hour long game I'd only be able to play once.  So, I got a list of songs by browsing the web, put the list in my most favorite text editor - TextPad, and recorded a macro to generate a three-column HTML table from the list that I could use for Pictionary cards.  I printed the result to PDF using CutePDF writer, and printed the cards and cut them up with a paper cutter.  The whole thing took me less than 1/2 and hour and saved me $7.00.  Though I'm sure that the official game has some topics outside of carols, I thought they'd probably all be too easy.  I'm sharing the results for you to enjoy at your Christmas partyInformation wants to be free.  Happy Holidays!