Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bad Supremes! Bad, bad, bad!

Today the Supreme Court overturned a decades-old established precedent on campaign finance without any identifiable or compelling reason.  I'm no lawyer, nor am I a student of constitutional law, but as a plain old common citizen I just cannot fathom how today's decision is a step in the right direction for our country.  This, in my opinion, is a perfect example of the highest court in the land acting in the personal and political self-interest of its members and not in the interest of this country or in the spirit of the law with respect to established precedent.  Activist judges - shame on them all.

While I do believe that there are some specific issues where established precedent is very much wrong and that past decisions should be overturned (tomorrow being the anniversary of one of the worst in the history of this country), I expect those situations to be few and far between.  When they come up, there should be a real and compelling reason to overturn the established interpretation of the law.  Without that standard, 5 lifetime justices can systematically undermine the fabric of our country.  We expect the ever swinging pendulum of right-vs-left policies in Congress, but the justices are meant to remain consistent and steadfast, but also be free of political pressure in order to right grievous wrongs - not commit them themselves.