Saturday, January 2, 2010

Recently... 1-2-10 ed.

In the spirit of blogging more, here's a list of some of the things I've been tuned into:

  • What I'm reading:  The Peace Maker, by Ken Sande
  • What I've been watching:  Beth and I just finished up DVR-ing and re-watching all the old episodes of Frasier.  Now I have to find something new.
  • What I'm listening to:  I've been downloading a lot of music from Amazon's MP3 store, and one of my new favorites is Big Daddy Weave.
  • Recent Podcasts: has zillions of great Podcasts.  Also, of course, Hanselminutes and .NET Rocks.  I've also got a bunch of NPR stuff, and This American Life at the recommendation of my neighbor, Jos.  All of it's free (but This American Life is only free for the latest episode).
  • Recent movies:  I DVR-ed Cinderella Man - good, but pretty brutal... the movie preferred the term pugilistic.
  • Recent RSS additions:  Bing and Newsvine both have local news feeds, which are GREAT!  Then there's TechDirt, Los Techies, and which make great additions to my old standbys of Slashdot and Ars Technica.
  • Recent Games:  Just finished World Of Goo for the Wii.   Now I am puzzling through the OCD challenges for all the levels.  Really fun stuff.
  • Best Satire - Hot Air suggested a modest proposal that we should be entitled to government funded legal care too.  Brilliant!
  • Best Event of 2010 so far - The Rose Bowl!