Thursday, January 7, 2010

Site redesign part 2 - Comments

Today, I was looking at my RSS feeds and came across this post by Ayende.  I had never thought of a comment system as a plugable feature for a website, but there is was - disqus.  Blogger's built-in comment system has, well, frustrated many people.  So, I decided to check it out over lunch, and as you can see by my new comment system below, I like it :-)

I uploaded my blogger template, it made the changes it needed me to make for me, and then I saved the template.  Then, it let me import my existing comments.  Wonderful!  So, within 20 minutes I'm up-and-running with Disqus, and I can finally ditch Blogger's crippled comment system as part of my site overhaul.  And, it's free.  Oh so nice.