Friday, February 26, 2010

Until we meet again...

This has been quite a turbulent week emotionally for my family. Yesterday was so amazing watching my new daughter through the ultrasound monitor. Her 20 week old body so full of life and vitality; learning of her gender - which will define so much of her identity. It feels so surreal having that joyous day sandwiched between the day of my grandpa Jim's passing, and today - the day of his funeral.

There are so many wonderful memories I have of my grandpa. Christmas parties at he and grandma's house every year. Many, many trips to spend an overnight with my brother and sister at their house in Grandview as kids. Me getting bludgeoned and battered at cribbage again, and again, and again and coming back for more. Being on the 'mens' team with him at a game of canasta when I wasn't old enough to ever have been considered a man. Some vacations together, lots of meals together, Christmas morning visits at our house, and one very panicked drive with him back to our house when my brother Nick gashed his head open.  Lots of memories - I can still hear his gravelly voice and his laugh if I close my eyes tight enough.

One of my most treasured memories is from our wedding when we did the longevity dance and Jim and Betty were the last ones on the floor - having been married a zillion years to my mere milliseconds - always in love.

I'm pretty sure he never really knew he had another great-grandchild on the way - his mind was never quite the same after the heart surgery. But his heart was there - always a kind word and a gentle, loving spirit toward everyone he met. His legacy will live forever. And though we will morn as a family together today, we will not mourn as those who have no hope, for we know our goodbye is not the end.

Well done good and faithful servant.  Welcome home.