Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The other night I had the bright idea to talk to Caleb about what super-powers he really has (meaning none-at-all).  I was hoping we could have a conversation slightly grounded in the real world.  In other words - I wanted to make it clear that little boys do not really posses any of the following:
  • elite Jedi skills
  • the ability to fly
  • the speed to run faster than bullets
  • the ability to stop bad guys
  • stealth like a ninja
But Caleb would have none of it.  He insists that he can do all this and more.  And, having realized the error of my ways, I had to relent and hug and kiss my little super hero goodnight.  Now in the news today, a real life Spiderman foils a crime and I am left with the distinct feeling of having become Peter Banning from the movie Hook - as if I have somehow forgotten Neverland in my quest to help Caleb get about the business of growing up.  Youth and its innocence may well be the greatest superpower of all.