Saturday, October 2, 2010

Planning and Todo

Prepare... this post may make not make sense to everyone.

Every October I get ready to buy my planner pages.  I went from the full boar page-a-day Franklin planner, to 2-day-per-page, to 2-page-per-week.  I think I've settled on the two page per week, but I don't like the way FP does it.  I'd really like to have one page with my calendar, and the other page to be todo/notes only.  I'm mostly organized that way and prefer a weekly view of my tasks.  But I've noticed I'm not doing well at getting things done and making incremental progress on long-term goals.  Distinguishing day-to-day tasks, long term tasks, un-actionable stuff, things I'm waiting on others for, and everything in between is hard.  Covey's system of FTF (first-things-first) and 4 quadrants is great for weekly task management and long term goals, but not so hot at managing all the in-betweens.  I really subscribe to Covey's method of examining goals and personal mission, but I've not had much success using his method for everything.

The problem I'm having is with tracking things that aren't of immediate concern and things that aren't well-defined. Like Christmas lists in October and future home improvement projects. If it isn't part of my daily concern or is a big nebulous project instead of a list of action items, I don't want to lose track of those but I can't do anything with them at the moment. So those things stay a jumbled mess in my brain instead of making it to a common place.  That's where David Allen's GTD (getting-things-done) comes in.  I'm going to give his method a shot with a little help from and its iPhone equivalent.  Anyone had any experience with this?

The weekly pages I settled for

My preferred weekly view

ToodleDo at the center of GTD

Update: I settled on using and syncing with Appigo's Todo app for the iPhone so that I can do subtasks.  I've been using this system this week and so far so good!