Sunday, February 13, 2011

My battle with iTunes continues

My battle with iTunes as the official worst-music-management-software-I've-ever-used continues.  I'm moving music from my old computer to my new computer and I'm trying to figure out how to keep my metadata.  Since I don't let iTunes manage my music as much as possible, I've just copied .mp3 files over.  Well, of course that means that I lose my album art work, which means I have to ask iTunes to get it for me again - and of course it never gets it right.  I wound up using Dropbox to save the correct artwork from my old machine for each one that iTunes got wrong and then album by album tediously corrected it on the new machine.  and Point to Me, but I still wind up the one who loses :(

However, now comes time to figure out my star ratings.  This one was a real head scratcher, until my Bing searches brought me to an answer - here's the process:

On the old computer, make 5 playlists, one for each star rating and add your music to those lists.  Then, export the playlist from the old computer and import into the new one.  It doesn't matter where the files reside, just that iTunes knows about them.  Then, select all the songs in each of those playlists and assign the star rating for all the songs in each playlist.  Genius!  The whole process took less than 10 minutes and made me much less frustrated than I thought I would be, and way easier than the album artwork issue.  Point to iTunes.  The stalemate continues...