Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lost usernames

mattmc3 was the handle I chose back in 1997 to use AOL's instant messenger.  Since then, I've tried to sign up as mattmc3 for nearly everything I could, but unfortunately I've not been very successful.  While I happily have the e-mail addresses I want, other services like twitter, slashdot, banks, and various other places mattmc3 was already taken.  It's funny how your online handle can force you to sign up early for things that you have absolutely no interest in just to turf your username.  Interestingly, I think this is part of the reason I don't do twitter.  Not only is the content there mostly useless, the guy who got my mattmc3 username is peddling horoscopes, which I have to wonder if someone looking me up by username wouldn't mistake for me or I for him.  When some rival service (called, say, Sylvester - the hunter of Tweety birds), I'll be ready to sign up... not to use the service, but just to defend my good (user)name.