Thursday, March 15, 2012

Introducing WebMatrixColorizer!

I've published a small, but fun open source project on CodePlex called WebMatrixColorizer.  Here's how I describe it:

Project Description
WebMatrix 2.0 supports code color theming but uses a different .XML file than Visual Studio's. This simple app converts a .vssettings file into a color scheme importable by WebMatrix. Export from VS or download from, then convert and import. Want a dark theme? Easy!

And here's the FAQ:

What is this project for?
If you are like me, cracking open Visual Studio for simple home projects starts to feel too much like work and not enough like play. WebMatrix is an awesome solution to this. It makes web development feel fresh and fun again for small projects, and less like work. Of course, when using WebMatrix, it's nice to keep your Visual Studio color scheme in tact. With the newest version of WebMatrix (2.0 beta), you can install the ColorThemeManager from the Gallery button on the "Site" view. With this extension, you can change your color theme, import themes, and export your theme. Unfortunately, WebMatrix doesn't know how to import a .vssettings file, which is how Visual Studio stores it's themes. That's where this project comes in. Take your .vssettings file and run it through WebMatrixColorizer and you'll get an XML file that imports nicely into WebMatrix.

How do I use it?
From Visual Studio, export your color settings. Or, head out to and download a new theme. Once you have your .vssettings file, open up WebMatrixColorizer and convert your .vssettings file to a WebMatrix xml file. Then, in WebMatrix, import that xml file and you've got your new theme.

What do you mean "import the xml file"?
Make sure you have WebMatrix 2.0 beta or above, and that you've installed the extension from the Gallery. If you see the "Import" button on your ribbon bar on the site tab, you're all set. If not, Google is your friend.

Will it look exactly the same as my Visual Studio settings?
Not quite. Visual Studio has all sorts of things like code folding, debugging, refactoring highlights, etc. that have no equivalent in WebMatrix. Also, WebMatrix supports PHP and other stylings that aren't in Visual Studio. WebMatrixColorizer takes a best crack at getting the colors the way you probably want them. But, if you have settings that didn't import, you can always manually modify the theme in WebMatrix, modify the source code for WebMatrixColorizer (it is after all, open source), or submit a patch via Codeplex.

Will this ever be integrated into so that I can download a WebMatrix theme directly without the conversion?
Could be. I'm not the author of that awesome site, but I have reached out to him to let him know about this project. It's MIT licensed open source code after all - you never know where it'll wind up.   UPDATE: Big thanks to Luke Sampson of who integrated it almost immediately! 

After a couple nights of play and tweaking, it's ready for public consumption.  All you WebMatrix junkies out there who like your, have at it!